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Advanced Search Tips

TweetGrid supports Boolean Search Operators and other advanced search techniques. Below are examples of how to use them.

Boolean Operators


If two or more words are specified in the search, "AND" is assumed, meaning you do not need to type "AND" into the search. The search results will include all of the search terms by default. However, if you wish, you may still type AND (in all capital letters) between search terms.


apple iphone
apple AND iphone
are equivelent searches.


You can type OR (all captial letters) between search terms to get results matching at least one of the search terms.


ipod OR iphone
will return search results with either "ipod" or "iphone" in the tweets.

You can use OR with two or more search terms
ipod OR iphone OR macbook OR imac OR etc...


To exclude terms from search results, put a minus sign in front of the term.


apple -iphone
will return search results with "apple" but not "iphone" in the tweets.

You can use - multiple times to exclude multiple terms
apple -iphone -macbook

Combining AND, OR, NOT

You can combine AND, OR, and - in your searches to create more focused results.


apple iphone OR ipod -macbook
will return search results with ("apple" and "iphone") or ("apple" and "ipod") and not containing "macbook".

Advanced Search Operators

Searching for Multi-word Phrases

To search for a multi-word phrase, surround the phrase in quotes


"good morning"
"happy new year"

Tweets FROM a user

To search for tweets from a specific user, type from:username



Tweets FROM multiple users

To search for tweets from multiple users, type from:username1 OR from:username2 OR ...


from:jazzychad OR from:tweetgrid

Tweets TO a user

To search for tweets starting with @user, type to:username



Tweets TO multiple users

To search for tweets to multiple users, type to:username1 OR to:username2 OR ...


to:jazzychad OR to:tweetgrid

Tweets near a location (Geocoding)

To search for tweets near a location, use the near: and within: operators.


near:New York, NY within:50mi

near:Barcelona, Spain within:20km

coffee OR starbucks near:Seattle, WA within:15mi

More Examples

See if you can figure out what the follow searches will do:

tweetgrid OR "tweet grid" -from:tweetgrid

apple http

blog OR post -tinyurl

"word press" OR wordpress -blog

twitter "how do i"

to:al3x from:jazzychad

to:ev ?

All of the above search operators can be used together to create very powerful searches. Use your imagination, and soon you will get the hang of creating very useful searches.

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